Looking back


Looking back


When you came out of your cage, losing your crown,
you saw the whole world hanging upside-down!
Thinking "life was a game",
you started acting insane,
all your friends did it, too.
Do you know what you do?

"Hey guy, stop freaking out!
And hey it’s nothing to shout about!"
Not being in this golden cage anymore,
isn’t that what you’ve ever been looking for?
"Bury the rules!", they said,
"start inventing some new, instead!"

At this party on Monday,
your inattentive mind drifted away,
"Oh I’m just here to get drunk again!"
you said, but it became true, damn!
The ways are lying in front of you.
Do you really know what you do?

Now you’ve got a family,
far from insanity,
you have an own place,
and many boring days,
do you miss the wild time,
when everything was easy and fine?

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