Visiting England

Our annual trip to England is really a highlight for each pupil of the 9th classes. Almost everybody takes part in it and you can say that you can really enjoy it despite of the permanent lack of sleep.
Impressing pictures, historic buildings and sights, breathtaking sceneries which you only know from textbooks etc can be experienced in reality.

In 2002 the trip took us via Calais, Dover(ferry) to England where we visited Canterbury first (Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Tales). Then we went to Hastings, the town in which the pupils live in host families.
From there our coach took us to a special place every day. To discovering London on a sightseeing tour (with interesting and humorous explanations by the coach driver), shopping in Covent Garden, Oxford Street or so, visiting the Tower of London and Saint Paul’s Cathedral left deep impressions.

For those who wanted to take photos as souvenirs Mme Tussaud’s wax figure museum offered good opportunities. Well, boxing with Mohammed Ali, flirting with Kylie Minogue or just being welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II, that is important, isn’t it?

Going to Speakers Corner and listening to the sometimes rather strange speeches was fun, but the best thing was the musical! This year we watched “Fame” and some pupils even had the chance to talk to one of the actors. As London is worth a visit we spend 2 days there.
Another trip took us to Beachy Head where everybody enjoyed the marvellous countryside, walked along the cliffs or just watched the world go by. After days full of action this was a pleasant, relaxing and silent experience.
We still had some time to look around Hastings and finally visited Walmer Castle where Queen Mum used to live.

All in all you can say that it was a wonderful voyage. Sure, it is not possible to improve the knowledge of the English language as the time is too short. But the aim of our trip is learning about/seeing/feeling/experiencing the British way of life.

And that’s what we did.